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TIMELY UPDATE FOR ART PROGRAM (12/24/17): I’ve just completed a new website that further clarifies how my respective bodies of work relate with one another moving forward.

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It is our vision at IforAM to build a community of researchers, artists and innovators interested in augmenting our collective understanding of how living systems persist.  We are creating “sentient observatories” – analog/digital hybrid installations – whose intent is to expand our awareness and understanding of the dynamic living systems we are.  Through a hybrid art and scientific practice we will create a body of work that can be both experienced and empirically studied.  In so doing, we further intend to explore cognition and mind, since such systems exemplify our only proof concept for creativity that transcend current technologies.  Our research and development will integrate the strengths of biological and digital types of information processing to augment the evolution of our inherited minds by creating a more sustainable understanding of ourselves and our place in the only known living world.

Here is a very brief abstract of the technology, or novel “medium”, developed to implement these sentient observatories.  And, see this paper for a published account of the theory used to test iterations of this new medium.

For a more in-depth introduction to this project set in historical context, please see the Chronology page.

For a detailed manuscript of our current schematic design and the rigorous theoretical framework to empirically test and develop this sentient medium, see Synthetic Cognition.

For complete documentation of the development of this technology please visit our R&D site.

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